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4 Reason Why I Love Wool

A picture of me in a variegated turquoise cardigan.  The background shows a snowy but sunny day.

Do you have a favorite yarn fiber; the material that you always seem to reach for or search out? Mine is wool. Over the last five years I have developed a love affair with sheep's wool. Once the mercury starts to drop I wear it every day, but even in warm weather you can find me sporting a wool blend top or wrap. It began once my son was born. I am a firm believer in bringing children of all ages outside everyday, but of course I wanted him to remain warm even on the coldest of days. After doing some research, I discovered that wool has some very specific properties that make it suited for all weather and a versatile fiber choice.


Wool has the ability to wick moisture away from the body. This helps regulate body temperature, keeping you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Because of wool's ability to absorb moisture it does not leave you feeling damp or clammy as cotton or synthetics can do.


Wool is odor and stain resistant. While absorbing moisture from the skin, wool also absorbs the odor molecules until the garment is washed, where they are released. Wool fibers have a naturally protective outer layer which prevents stains from being absorbed.

Biodegradable and Renewable

Because wool is a natural fiber, when it is disposed of it will decompose in a relatively short amount of time. Every year sheep grow a new fleece that is shorn to be made into yarn. Because not all sheep are treated humanly in their upkeep or in the shearing process, it is important to do a little research to make sure they are not being harmed.

Six strands of yarn in closeup.  The top three strands show virgin wool.  The bottom three show fine, smooth Merino wool.


While wool has a reputation for being scratchy and itchy, not all wool is created equal in feel. Each wool fiber has waves known as crimps. The more crimps that are present, the finer and softer the wool. Merino wool is very fine and soft because it has many crimps. In the picture to the left, the bottom three strands of yarn are Merino wool, while the top three are virgin or new wool. It is clear that the Merino wool is a much smoother, finer wool than the virgin wool.

Once I discovered all these wonderful properties of wool I began searching out yarn that contains wool or mostly wool. It makes beautiful, long lasting garments that don't need to be washed too often. I will spot treat when necessary and typically give my sweaters a bath once or twice a season. They don't smell, look wonderful, and keep me and my son comfortable in all types of weather.

Do you love wool as much as I do? Add a picture of your favorite woolen garment on my Facebook feed or in the comments below.

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