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Japanese Knitting: Smocking

Smocking is a technique where yarn is wrapped around a specified number of stitches to gather them together. By doing this it creates a more textured fabric. The central feature of this week's pattern is a large, thick vine created by smocking and many twisted stitches. The smocking and twisted stitches stand out on a background of reverse stockinette and are framed on either side by boble chains. I really enjoy working the bobles with a crochette hook to give them smooth clean lines.

Reading this week's chart was slightly more challenging. There are two row repeats that need to be monitored seperately in the chart. I found it helpful to outline each pattern repeat with a pencil. This gives me a visual barier of where to stop and begin. I also use a large stitcky note to mark the current row that I'm working, helping me to focus my eyes.

Next week I move onto overall patterns.

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