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The Dreaded Snag

The dreaded snag. Whether you caught your sweater on something or your naughty dog got a hold of it (like mine did!) and a strand of yarn gets pulled it can seem like the end of your handcrafted sweater. Not to worry, it is not ruined! With a little time, patience, and a crochet hook this problem can be resolved.

In the picture below you can clearly see how the yarn was pulled and the fabric puckered after my dog snatched the sweater off the table. To fix the snag, the idea is to gently work the yarn back to where it is supposed to be.

Using a crochet hook, trace the yarn's path, gradually pulling it stitch by stitch into place. Be sure to loosen the tightened fabric as you go. In my sweater, the purl rows got squished together when it snagged. As I loosed the yarn, I concentrated on maneuvering it to create space between the rows .

Eventually, all of the yarn pulled out is worked back into the garment, but the mistake is still somewhat visible. I will continue with the procedure as described until the snag completely vanishes from the garment. It can take a little while to get the fabric looking just right, especially with a more complex pattern. However, it is well worth the effort to restore your garment back to its original beauty.

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