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The Perfect Fit

In between knitting baby things, I’ve been working on a new sweater. A few months back one of the local yarn shops was closing and had a massive sale on their inventory. I scored several hanks of gorgeous worsted weight wool and cotton blend yarn by Spud & Chloe for a steal. The yarn is so squishy and soft and a fabulous warm brunt orange color that I’m absolutely in love with. It reminds me of ripe pumpkins and gourds in the autumn. It is perfect for a warm pullover, something versatile and not too fussy.

I chose to make Flax by Tin Can Knits. Flax is part of their The Simple Collection, a collection of free patterns perfect for learning to knit. I love these patterns for their clear, explicitly written instructions and simple modern style. Flax is worked top down. The use of garter stitch on the sleeve adds just enough interest to keep this pullover from being boring.

The sleeves are a little wider than I'd like to wear so I intend to alter the pattern a bit to get a more fitted look. I've been blessed with long arms; anytime I knit a sweater or top I need to add length for it to fit properly. To get the fit I'd prefer, I worked the sleeve as established for half the length stated then began decreasing. I will decrease every three rows instead of every five and increase the number of times repeated. By doing this the sleeve will become more fitted in the bicep and in the sleeve overall. Once I get the width desired, then I will work the pattern evenly until the length I need is obtained.

Adjusting fit is truly the most amazing thing about knitting your own garments. You can make them flatter your body perfectly! I am tall, nearly six foot, thin and have long arms and legs. I have always had a difficult time finding clothes that fit properly in stores. In fact, I rarely set foot in a clothing store because most things are just too short. Now many stores carry tall sizes on-line which has helped tremendously, but being able to make something fit my body just right is so much more satisfying.

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