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Check the Baby Cloths

Since I’ve been working on so many baby things lately, I was reminded of some cloths I made for my friend Allison when her first little one was born. I wanted to give her a practical gift. Babies always seem to be dribbling form somewhere. When my son was an infant, I was always looking for a clean cloth to wipe his hands, face, nose, or mouth. I knit the cloths in 100% cotton. Cotton is super absorbent and the checked pattern of the cloths makes a cushy fabric. Allison loves these cloths! Even now, with baby number two, she is still commenting on their usefulness and how soft they are even after many washings.

Another friend is about to have her third girl. Clearly, she has plenty of clothing and things but I thought a couple Check the Baby Cloths would be a practical and welcome gift. And of course I have to make her a pair of booties too!

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