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Japanese Knitting: Leaves

This week wound up being a busy week at my house. I intended to knit two new swatches, while also finishing up the one with knots I was working on last week. One new swatch was going to be openwork with leaves and the other openwork with smocking. However, we adopted a dog Luna and she has been taking up some of my time with training and getting her acclimated to our family. As she settles in and we establish a new routine, she is quickly becoming a delightful companion.

I was able to continue working on the swatch featuring knots, unfortunately I ran out of yarn and couldn't make my swatch as large as I was intending. The twisiting ropes are formed using a cable needle. This technique definitely consumes more yarn. Since I've been using leftover yarn from previous projects, it stands to reason that I may occasionally run out. I really liked working this pattern. It had a nice rhythm to it and was easy to predict the next row.

It was so hard to decide on the next swatch to make! I love all the openwork pattens with leaves; they are so beautiful! I chose one that has leaves stacked vertically and horizontally, nestled into a bed of seed stitch. I like how the seed stitch makes the leaves visually pop out of the fabric. This pattern chart has been very straight forward to work.

The thing I enjoy the most about knitting from Japanese charts is how the chart itself is a visual representation of the pattern. I find that sometimes when working other charts, it can be hard to visualize the finished product. I appretiate being able to see how it is intended to look even though that means a little bit more mental work for me when it comes to reading the chart.

On to next week's swatching: openwork with smocking.

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