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Japanese Knitting: Overall Patterns

Well.... this week's pattern is proving to be tricky! I started it and pulled it out several times before I realized that the repeat didn't start exactly at the right. Working with Japanese knitting charts is a lesson in reading all the "instructions" first and checking the details closely. I also had some difficulty with one of the the twistested stitches. I seem to be wrapping the yarn in front so the stitch pattern isn't popping out as it should. Of course, I didn't notice it until I had already worked fifteen rows. At that point, I also realized that I forgot to work the opposite stitch on the wrong side for one section.

After quite a bit of trial and error I was able to fix the twisted stitch problem. It seems that I was completely misunderstanding the instructions. By using the instructions as a basis and then thinking carefully about how its opposite stitch is formed, I was able to obtain the correct outcome. Ultimately, I did pull out the entire swatch and start again so that the pattern was knit properly.

The pattern itself is geometric in nature. It consists of two repeating sections with a background of reverse stockinette. Each section's focus are diamonds formed with twisted stitches outlining the interior. These diamonds as connected together with long, thin rectangles outlined by the same twisted stitches and surrounding a vertical row of tiny purl stitches. In one of the sections, the diamonds contain a single bobble that are knit over four rows veritcally. The instructions are very clear on how to work these bobbles and they come out beautifully. The bobble itself is what drew me to this pattern. I really wanted to try out the method described.

Next week...on to pattern arrangements.

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