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Well....Hello there

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Four years ago my life was turned upside down in the most amazing way, I became a mom through adoption. One day I was going about my usual business and then POOF! I got a phone call saying that a birth mom chose me to be the mom of a little boy. There was not much time to prepare, certainly not nine months. While I had been wanting and waiting for a baby for a long time, I never really let myself think about how this change would change me. All of the sudden I had a whole new role and I had to figure out who I was in that role. For a while, as with all moms of newborns, I went through the cycle of eat, sleep, and diaper changes. But as we got into a routine and my little one grew, I wanted to do something for myself.

I have always loved playing with yarn. My mother is an avid knitter, so yarn was abundant in my childhood home. She taught me to knit when I was very young, although I didn’t really enjoy it until adulthood. Growing up I preferred to crochet, but my love of yarn has never changed. It’s such a versatile medium. I love the rainbow of colors, the way it feels in my hands, and how it’s transformed from a simple ball to a functional item.

Through a baby and mom class, I became friendly with another woman who designed

her own crochet patterns. The fact that she designed her own patterns was mind blowing! Of course, intellectually, I knew someone had to write knitting and crochet patterns, but I never thought it could be me. She introduced me to Craftsy (now Blueprint), an online collection of how-to classes, and encouraged me to take a designer class. I was hooked; I became a designer.

Writing knitting patterns lets me use my love of yarn to be both creative and productive. Many of my patterns include historic elements or components of nature presented in a modern way. I enjoy designing garments, as well as, items for the home. Being a knitting designer gives me flexibility so that I can also be the present mom that I strive to be. I’m excited to share my patterns and knitting journey in a weekly post.

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