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Pi (or Circular) Shawl

In late spring my local yarn shop holds a shawl contest. Shawls can be of any size or shape, either knit or crocheted, and self-designed or from a purchased pattern. Each year that I’ve entered I’ve specially designed a shawl for the contest. Last year, I won second prize with Garden Path.

Garden Path is a Pi shawl. I first came across the idea of a Pi shawl in Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitter’s Almanac: Projects for Each Month of the Year. In the “July” chapter she describes how to create a circular shawl following the theory of Pi. This means that you double the number of stitches each time you double the distance between increase rows. Garden Path is made up of three different lace patterns. The largest and last section is worked in Beech Leaf and the previous section is worked in Purse Stitch. The Purse Stitch section is reminiscent of a path wandering through a beautiful wooded garden.

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