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Reflection, Renewal, and Goal Making

January is a time for reflection, renewal, and goal making. While I did not meet all of my goals for 2021, I certainly gave each one attention and worked in a positive direction toward accomplishing it. Exploring colorwork was definitely my favorite part of 2021! It was such fun and I learned so much. I’ve really enjoyed sharing this experience with you and incorporating it into my patterns. Unfortunately, I did not publish as many patterns as I had hoped, but I do have several written that will be published early in 2022. I also did not gain as many followers or subscribers as I was hoping, but I did expand my social media presence and this has brought more people to my website. While my goals were not exactly met as I was hoping, there was growth and progress. For 2022 my goals are somewhat similar, but with new strategies for accomplishing them.

Pattern publication and improvement

Over the last few months, I began looking at my patterns more carefully. I’ve been reading websites, blogs, and looking at pattern and design books. I want my patterns and designs to be known for their clarity of instruction and attention to detail. I believe that this, as well as, the look of a design, is what encourages knitters to seek out certain designers. As some of you know, before my son was born I was an upper elementary and middle school teacher. Clear, well-written, detailed instructions for lessons and projects was an area that I took pride and excelled. I want to reach this same level with my knitting patterns. To incorporate this high level of detail, I began adding row/round counts in addition to measurements, providing video tutorials for specific instructions, and more clarity and detail where necessary.

Early this year, I plan on revising my sizing for garments to fit nine sizes instead of five to make my designs more inclusive. I also plan on offering several sizes for accessories such as hats or mittens. Some of my previously published garments will need to be revised to meet this new standard.

Refine my social media and web presence

I am planning on taking two online courses on Social Media and Digital Marketing to learn more and hopefully improve my profit margin.

Exploring knitting history through my blog

I am particularly excited about my blog plan for 2022. I have always been interested in the social sciences: history, archeology, anthropology, and sociology in particular. It’s fascinating to find out how and why something happened or how it developed in certain parts of the world versus others and what about that an area inspired those differences. This year I’m going to explore how knitting developed throughout different areas of the world and how it’s evolved over time.

I’m so excited to get started on my new goals and see how they grow! What are your goals for 2022 and how do you plan on accomplishing them? A good plan is just as important as setting a goal.

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