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Spring Cleaning

The start of warm weather always signals to me spring cleaning. I have an urge to renew my space, remove the cobwebs and grime of the winter months, and organize. I'm an organized person and dislike the feeling of lots of clutter, however I live with a small child and someone who is a collector and thrives on organized chaos. Needless to say, things get messy around here. Periodically, I become a whirlwind of cleaning, organizing, and purging.

This week I started my yearly project of cleaning all the windows and rugs. These are tedious and tiresome jobs but the end result is so worth the effort. The sunshine that pours in through the windows is glorious. In this process I move everything, which brought my attention knitting corner. Typically, I like to keep essential tools and what I need for one or two patterns on hand in my knitting corner. However, it has become a dumping ground for yarn, knitting needles and other paraphernalia, books, and various projects. It's a mess!

I have a decent sized yarn stash stored in my spare bedroom closet (a mess for another day) and always try to pick yarn from here first before going to the store. Although I still manage to collect new yarn either as gifts or through an amazing sale. This yarn will be organized and stored in plastic bags, to keep it clean, with the rest of my stash. I like to keep similar fiber yarns together. That way when I'm looking for something particular I don't have to search through everything.

The small antique sewing table against the wall is perfect for storing circular needles and smaller knitting items, but the longer straight needles don't fit. They are stored by size in a cloth roll that I made many years ago. I inherited many metal knitting needles from my mom, but I prefer to use wood or bamboo. I kept a few of the unique ones or a particular size if I didn't have a wooden alternative. The stitch and pattern books, magazines, and the yarn winder will all go onto a shelf in the spare bedroom also. It is so satisfying to remove the mess and to restore order!

I won't be doing anymore swatches out of the Japanese knitting book for a while. The patterns are gorgeous and I thoroughly enjoyed working through them but I would like to finish up some other projects that I've been working on. I can't wait to incorporate some of these stitch patterns into a new design!

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