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Time to Snuggle

It’s afghan season! As the barometer drops and the leaves turn crimson and gold, I’m excited to curl up under a thick, warm afghan and read a book or plan my next project.

A blanket is the perfect thing to snuggle up under with that special person. As a gift, to celebrate the wedding of close friends and family I love making afghans. Erika’s Afghan and Hailey’s Afghan were designed for sisters that I’ve watched grow into adulthood. They became amazing, talented, creative young women.

Each afghan uniquely captures part of the recipient’s personality. Erika’s Afghan features bold strong lines mimicking the buildings she designs as an architect. Hailey’s Afghan uses fish-scale lace and eyelet spots to symbolize her two passions: the sea and stars. Both are knit in Knit Picks Might Stitch Super Bulky. This yarn is so easy to care for and works up fast!

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