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Recycling Yarn

I'm always looking for new ways to reduce waste, minimize, and reuse what I already own. In my bedroom there is a large cedar chest where old sweaters are kept. I've been trying to decide what to do with them. There are a few sentimental pieces, but most either don't fit properly or are no longer to my taste . In particular, there is a blue and green variegated sweater dress. While it is quite pretty it never was very flattering, hanging shapelessly off my frame. I knit it about ten years ago before I learned how to properly adjust knitting projects to fit my body.

Basket of blue and green variegated yarn wound in balls.

I'm unsure what type of yarn was used for the sweater dress, but based on when it was knit it probably is something washable, maybe acrylic or an acrylic and wool blend. There may be a little bit leftover in my stash since I usually save the bits and sometimes even the label. I'd love to know what type of yarn it is, but it isn't necessary. These days, I'm definitely more careful about saving the labels as they provide so much valuable information. I'm hoping it is a wool blend , but at that time I did not yet develop my love for wool and all its wonderful properties.

The first thing that will need to be done is to locate where the ends were woven in and begin unraveling the garment. It's a bit sad to unravel all that yarn, thinking about all the hours that went into making the dress, but knowing it will make the perfect new sweater for my son definitely makes it easier. I'd much rather have the yarn be knit into something useful than sitting idly in a cedar chest.

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