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My Favorite Knitting Notions

December is here once again. For the past year I have been learning about lots of different colorwork techniques (see this, this, this, and this). I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and it has expanded my knitting repertoire immensely. The thing I’m most proud of is trying steaking. I have yet to make a sweater with this technique but it is definitely coming. I was so scared to actually CUT (gasp!) my knitting, but after doing the research it felt doable and I’m so glad I did it. Trying this technique opened up the possibilities to many new creative ideas.

Of course, with the season of gift-giving here I have been busy working on several projects for my friends and family. While I won’t give away the whole project here are a few sneak peeks.

I also wanted to share a few of my favorite knitting-related items that I discovered over the last year. These might be the perfect gifts ideas for the knitter in your life.

Colorful Stitch Stoppers by Cocoknits

Bright blue knitting on needles surrounded by multicolored Coco Knits Stitch Stoppers.

I have never found a stitch stopper that I liked, until now. They never seemed to fit just right and always fell off. I usually just stick my needles through my yarn ball. While this works okay, I still find that my knitting slides off sometimes, especially if I’m traveling or taking my knitting with me anywhere outside my house. Stitch Stoppers by Cocoknits are different. They don’t just cover the tip of the knitting needle, they slid all the way onto the shaft of the needle. No more falling off and getting lost, and no more lost stitches! They come in a box with sizes that will fit needle sizes US 0-15 (2-10 mm) and in three color choices: colorful, neutral, and earth tones. I chose colorful since the vibrant colors are easy to find when I drop one. I am so happy with how well Stitch Stoppers have helped me keep my knitting organized!

The Knitting Barber (TKB) Cords

Bright blue knitting shown on The Knitting Barber's cord in mauve.

This knitting notion is going to revolutionize my sweater knitting! I’ve used TKB Cords on a few small projects, but not on a large one yet and I can’t wait. I’m most excited to use these cords on a top-down sweater. It should make trying it on as I knit more easily accomplished. TKB Cords are a type of stitch holder. Instead of moving one stitch at a time from your knitting needle to a stitch holder, you simply attach the end of the cord to your knitting needle and pull it through. Genius! It makes this process so much faster and easier! TKB Cords are available in a variety of fun colors and each can contain three cords in two sizes: one 60” (150 cm) cord and two 30” (75 cm) cords.

Paragon Yarn by Knit Picks

Two balls of Paragon yarn in Tumeric and Kenai shown next to a double knit cowl with Evergreen colorwork.

While not strictly a knitting notion I couldn't help but include it. Paragon yarn is so soft and luxurious! I discovered it earlier in the year and I just can’t get enough of it. It is a sport weight yarn made of 50% Fine Merino Wool, 25% Baby Alpaca, and 25% Mulberry Silk and is available in a variety of brilliant jewel colors. I love how it feels against my skin and used it to design Evergreen, a double knit cowl. Since I cut my hair short, I’m going to need to keep my neck warm this winter and I can’t wait to wrap up in it.

Happy knitting!

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